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If you find yourself here reading, it’s probably because you’ve heard about the mysterious house “Casa Winter” in Fuerteventura. Perhaps you’ve also heard about its ties to nazi submarines, or about Gustav Winter, the German engineer that had the house built in the middle of World War II.

This is a Canary Islands story that should be heard around the world, but that in spite of the efforts of investigators and journalists, has remained obscured until now.

Some of you may have come across this historic case recently, and others perhaps have spent a long time in search of real answers.

In either case, we invite you to look through the different illuminating sections of this website, which offer information about the history of the house, who we are, and the project we’re working on.


The book “The Winter house” is the result of years of investigation and research, through which we have gathered shocking facts that until just recently were entirely unknown.

The reader will find answers to the enigmas that surround the house and its creator, explained in a clear, unambiguous manner, and accompanied by numerous images and blueprints.

The publication will be done this spring, an exact date to be confirmed soon.

To pre-order the book, please visit this page:


DYN: The scam that carried Winter to jail.

Gustav arrived in Valencia in 1918, here his first invention and business success was born, a soap-bleach tablet with trademark "DYN", distributed in a cardboard box designed by Winter himself. The rapid success, caused that Gustav soon diversified the activities of...

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Was Gustav Winter pro-Nazi?

Winter’s German sons from his first marriage were members of the Nazi party, and in addition, one of them submitted an application authorized by his father, and was accepted into a school NAPOLA. Today we reveal a small part of one of the pieces of evidence found in...

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Gustav’s submarines!

The "Agosta" is one of the four submarines Gustav had in his possession. It was a French submarine, which German troops had captured in the port of Brest. The French had sunk it before fleeing so that the German occupation forces could not use it. But the Wehrmacht...

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